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Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong – MGallery is a 5-star boutique hotel within easy reach of the sights,
sounds and spicy aromas of Patong, Phuket’s renowned seaside resort.
Drive into town, only five minutes away, for a browse through the colorful shops by day, and experience the effervescent club scene by night.


Freedom Beach

Phuket offer outstanding areas and Freedom Beach is one of them. Nestled at few minutes from Avista Hideaway, down Patong’s Hill, Freedom Beach attract people seeking for calm, tranquility surrounded by luxuriant jungle. Away from the crowd, it starts to become popular and well-known. Discover this hidden beach for a memorable moment for your holidays in Thailand. [continue reading]



The peaceful sanctuary of the Avista Hideaway is by no means representative of Patong’s exciting, and somewhat notorious, reputation. Known as the party capital of Asia, this vibrant town on the west coast of Phuket brims over with restaurants, bars, nightclubs and entertainment complexes. The hotel shuttle can take you to where the action is in no time. Get swept up in the hedonistic ambiance, or simply observe the excitement. Dance the night away on one of the many lively beaches, or drink in the atmosphere from a more secluded vantage point. Whichever way you approach it, Patong is always dazzling, always welcoming.


Patong Beach

Between a sandy creek and a quaint fishing village, a 3-kilometer stretch of golden sand pulses to the beat of millions of visitors each year. This is the most animated beach in Patong, a hive of activity that offers all sorts of activities and attractions. You can try your hand at jet-skiing or parasailing, or go on a diving or boat excursion to discover the sparkling coastline from a different angle.

Lounge in the generous shade of coconut trees that separate the beach from the road. Enjoy a meal at one of the beach-side restaurants or grab a bite at one of the snack and drink stalls. You can even enjoy a relaxing massage without ever leaving your beach towel. When night falls, the party starts – and keeps on going until the following morning. Patong Beach is the epicenter of the town’s throbbing night scene. A place where almost anything goes.


Paradise Beach

From the south end of Patong Beach, follow a steep twisty road up and up until it swoops down toward this enchanting cove.

You can also hire a longboat and arrive via the coast for a less vertiginous journey.
Whichever way you choose to get there, Paradise Beach more than lives up to its evocative name.
An access fee means no crowds, and the coral reef just off the shore prevents jet-skis from disturbing the heavenly peace.


You actually get two beautiful beaches for one in this small sheltered bay. The main beach, barely 150 meters long, enjoys divine views across Patong Bay. Follow the path that leads across a small headland
to reach a second, even more intimate strip of velvety sand. Relax in the generous shade of palm trees
or go snorkeling around the rocky capes that enclose and protect the beaches.
The coral reef is a diver’s wonderland. Inject some adrenaline into your visit and try out body-boarding, or take a relaxing kayak trip around the headlands for a fresh look at your beautiful surroundings.
No vendors tout their wares on Paradise Beach. When hunger strikes, head to one of the restaurants
that line the back of the beach for some Thai-style refreshments.

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